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Heres A Network Marketing Lead Tip That Will Easily Build Your Business

When you consider how to generate a network marketing lead it is only natural to first go to a lead generation company and see how much they are selling their mlm leads for. If you have been in network marketing for any period of time you learn real quick that you andyour group needs leads and you need alot of them. The problem with this approach is that if you are doing it so is everyone else. This immediately lessens the value of any lead you are buying. When you are checking out leads for sale you can see that the price drops the older the lead is.

I don't think you have to be very smart or even very perceptive, to realize these leads are being sold over and over. How effective are leads like that? Do this! Buy some really cheap leads and spend a little time calling them. You will find out real fast that the quality of these kind of leads is virtually worthless. You have to go thru hundreds of leads to find one that you can talk to and maybe enroll in your business. If your time is valuable at all you can not afford to spend it this way. So what is the the best way to come up with network marketing leads? How about using the internet to generate your own.

You can do this very easily and inexpensively in 2 steps. 1. Use a lead capture web page or as it is sometimes called a landing page.

All this does is capture information for you to follow up on. You can usually get these from the mlm company you represent. If you want a totally automated system use a lead capture page that asks only for the prospects name and email address. The shorter the form the more people will fill it out. 2. Go and buy a domain name and redirect it to the web address of the lead capture form.

Don't use the web address the company gives you because it is long and not very presentable. Plus it looks like a company website address which will decrease the odds of someone clicking on it. Buy a name like make-money-online.com or do-you-need-more-money.com.

There are all kinds of domain names out there. Don't be afraid to buy a domain name like a .net or .biz or either. It does not have to be a .

com domain name 3. Advertise your new domain name that you have redirected to the landing page website address. Article marketing is a free way to do that.

I am not going to go in to how to market with articles in this article, but you can learn more about that at ideamarketers.com or ezinearticles.com 4. Be sure and follow-up with your new network marketing lead. If you are using an automated follow up system your company gives you at least do one personal email or even better a quick phone call and introduce yourself. The fortune in network marketing is in the follow-up.

Now isn't that a better way to get network marketing leads for your business. If you do not want to write articles then develop an inexpensive online advertising program and again advertise your new domain name that you are redirecting to your company lead capture page.

Jeff Schuman invites you to visit his network marketing website for the most complete network marketing resources online today. http://network-marketing.team-schuman.com

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