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FICO Scores and Credit Reports

Do you want to learn more about FICO scores and credit reports? We will show you how to read a FICO score, what it means, and where to get FICO scores and credit reports, how to improve your credit rating, and more.

FICO: Your Personal Financial Score Card

Those looking to secure a loan learn very early how important a credit score really is. It can determine whether or not a lending institution approves your loan application. Furthermore, your credit score influences the interest rate offered to you by a bank or other lending organization. [Read more]

Credit Repair Tips and Solutions

This is a brief list of credit repair tips and solutions for those who are looking for bad credit history repair. Believe it or not, there are things that you can do which are legal and effective. There are many companies which sell credit repair tips and solutions. There are software programs, books, newsletters and a range of services directed at those who are in need of bad credit history repair. But, the best credit repair tips and solutions are the free ones, at least in the opinion of this writer. [Read more]

How Often Should I Check My Credit Report?

You may want to consider checking what's on your credit report at least once a year. That's right at least once a year get a copy of all three of your credit reports. You'll want to know what each credit bureau (TransUnion, Experian and Equifax) have listed on your reports. [Read more]

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