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Get A Credit Card With A Low Interest Rate

Before you choose a credit card it would be wise to first find out the interest rates offered by all the credit card companies and banks. While you compare credit card companies and banks, take note of the ones with low interest rates and offer the best benefits. Don't miss the fine print as that is where the most important information is usually given. Fine prints almost always specify the conditions applied on using their service. It is generally a wise decision to go with a credit card that has a low interest rate.

A low interest rate would almost always mean that using the credit wouldn't eat up your savings. One of the strategies of many banks and credit card companies to attract members is to offer an introductory low interest rate then hike up the rate after a certain period. It is therefore advisable to inquire how long the initial low interest rate would last. To switch to them, some credit card companies and banks would waive fees if you transfer balances to them from your old card.

The fees asked by banks for transfers are actually interest rates in disguise. Make sure that a low fee, which is equivalent to a low interest rate, is charged to you when transferring or you could end paying much more than you actually have to for clearing your debt. One thing you could do is pay for balance transfers through pre printed checks. Your best option is to transfer balances to over the phone by calling up the customer service line of the bank or company. Doing such would cost a lot less or nothing at all and because you chose a card with a low interest rate you know your expenses would be lower the next time. It is al important for you to know that incentives such as short term low interest rate will eventually rise even without due warning from your bank or credit card company.

You could always ask the bank or company to give you a low interest rate provided that you have a decent credit history with the company or bank. If they refuse to give you a low interest rate then you can always switch to a service that offers you a better deal. Remember to use your credit card wisely.

Keep a tab on your expenses while using this card, ensure your dues are cleared regularly and ensure that the low interest rate remain low.

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