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How To Consolidate Your Credit Card Debt

A new credit card can be used to help you eliminate some of that debt that you have from other credit cards, and other sources of debt, too. As long as you are able to get another credit card, then you have a great tool available to reduce your monthly payments rather quickly. Here is how you can do it with a new credit card. Look For 0% APR Interest Here is one option that can really help you to cut down on the amount of interest that you pay each month on your credit cards. Get a credit card that has 0% APR interest, and make sure that this benefit will last for at least one year. Some cards will only give you as little as three months on this, and others will give you up to 15 months.

By putting your credit card debt on the new card, you can literally reduce your interest payments to zero - as long as the introductory offer of 0% stays in effect. Balance Transfers This is the feature that allows you to take the debt from one credit card and put it on another. Watch out for a card that has balance transfer fees attached to it, especially if you are trying to reduce your debt - you don't need another 3 or 4% interest charged for the transfer.

It is common for a credit card to have balance transfer fees, but also, many do not have it. In addition, some credit cards will charge a specific amount of interest on balance transfers, but not on other purchases during the introductory offer period. You should know, though, that when you get your new card, you may need to list all transfers that you are wanting to put on it, and that you may not be able to transfer anything else to it. Find a credit card that will give you more flexibility. Make Big Payments A credit card, apart from adding a little convenience to your life by making it so you do not have to carry cash, is a great tool. But if you pay a regular late fee, plus high interest each month - it becomes more of a great inconvenience, rather than the help it should be.

It will help if you can reduce your debt as much as possible by making as large a payment each month as possible. By having the 0% APR interest rate, you should be able to make larger payments and reduce the principal amount rather quickly - as long as you pay on time. No New Purchases Consolidating your credit card debt can really profit you once you get it down to where you can pay off each month's transactions - each month. While this goal may be down the road for some, still, it is a goal that all should seek after. This means cutting down on your extra purchases that you really do not need until your credit cards are manageable in the way they should be used. Instead of looking at the card as a "buy all you can and max out the card as quickly as you can" approach, look at it simply as a way to handle finances better.

Rebates And Rewards In order to save even more money, you will want to purchase your regular things, like gasoline, prescriptions, and food on the card, too. With some credit cards, you have the opportunity to save anywhere from 1% to 3%, and you receive it as a rebate or a reward - money subtracted from what you owe, each month. Some of these options are only good if you learn to say "No" to unnecessary purchases. These credit card tips will help you consolidate your debt from other credit cards if you pay off the debt each month, and pay all that you can to get the debt down to a more comfortable level - and then you can start saving for those other things you want.

Joe Kenny writes for the Card Guide, a UK credit cards site, visit today for introductory balance transfers and start clearing credit card debt today.
Visit today: http://www.cardguide.co.uk/

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