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Insurance Discounts From Health and Safety Programs

Insurance Discounts From Health and Safety Programs Data shows, small businesses that have a voluntary health and safety program in place have fifty percent less accidents and reported insurance claims than that of their counterparts according to OHSA stats. Most small businesses fall below the legal requirements for having a formal health and safety program in place due to number of employees on staff. Nearly 95 percent of business owners report that health and safety programs have a positive impact on the company's bottom-line according to a recent survey. Of this group, 61 percent say their return-on-investment is 3 dollars for every 1 dollar they invest in improving workplace safety. In addition, companies that have working health and safety programs in place have seen employee absenteeism drop in half.

Setting a health and safety program in place will reduce costs. Having a program will reduce accidents and will lead to lower company worker's comp premiums; further business insurance companies prefer their customers to have health and safety programs. These insurance companies might even discount the premium if a program can be proved to exist. The average cost of an accident is $68,000. Direct costs in accidents such as worker's comp and fines levied can close a business. Indirect costs such as low morale of employees, legal fees, and retraining can be as costly if not more.

A working program will: 1) Improve employee morale ? Shows care in their well being 2) Reduce revenue loses ? Fewer accidents keeps all employees at work 3) Give a boost to the customer ? Makes sure business is operating optimally A health and safety program can be started by writing a health and safety policy; this is simply values that a company wishes to convey in its work processes. Secondly, is how communication between all employees and owners will function. And lastly, put procedures in place to ensure safe practices.

To find unseen hazards and unsafe practices, an audit needs to take place. Take a hard look at the workplace and record all factors that may lead to injury. These hazards might be dangerous chemicals or as simple as a letter opener. Identifying these hazards will lead to procedures to controlling them.

Controls such as "Don't run with scissors in your hands" are effective. Write all procedures in a manual. Once all of the hard work of developing and implementing the health and safety program is done, set aside some time each month to review the workplace. Record what is found; this is a good practice to see dangerous trends that might occur such as a fire exit constantly being blocked. On the quarters of the year post a meeting with employees. These meetings are a great way to get vital feed-back from employees and keep them involved.

At least once a year, do an audit to make sure your health and safety program is current with present business operations. A health and safety program is a vital asset for your business. Knowledge of hazards in the workplace and how to control them will keep everyone safe. For help in getting started, drop us an e-mail at abbsafetynet@gmail.com.

Brent Bowlin is a health and safety researcher an has helped small businesses in their health and safety programs. For help contact abbsafetynet@gmail.com.

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