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Mind Control Marketing Reason Why Social Proof and Authority

Have you ever noticed that children are constantly asking one question: "Why?" They want a reason for everything. And here's a little secret: we never grow out of the need to know why. Studies have shown that you can double the likelihood that a person will buy from you if you give them a reason why. Interestingly, these studies also show that even silly or invalid reasons will increase your response rate. Ultimately, however, the more valid and believable your reason, the better your response rate will be.

Any reason whatsoever will increase the chances that people will buy from you, because it satisfies that instinctual need to know why. It is, therefore, imperative that you always include one vital word in your sales copy. That word is because. All you need to do is add because to the end of your sentence. Purchase this product today because _____. Do it now because _____.

Just remember to always give your subscriber a reason why they should buy from you. Social Proof Often, we determine what is correct based on what other people think or say is correct. In fact, the larger the number of other people that say something is correct, the more we tend to agree.

Recognize any of these marketing messages? "Over A Billion Served." - McDonald's "The pain reliever hospitals use most." - Tylenol "When monitoring a patient after open heart surgery, the brand of battery that hospitals trust most is Duracell.

" - Duracell Each message focuses on how many people use their product. Duracell even ties in a second psychological trigger called 'Authority' which I'll explain next. Authority When you walk into a doctor's office, have you ever noticed the plaques and awards hanging on the wall for you to see and admire? Or have you noticed the plaques and awards posted on the wall of your auto body shop as you wait for your car to be repaired? Doctors and mechanics and other professionals do this because it gives you the perception that they do, indeed, know what they are doing and that they are authorities in their field. When you go to them for help, you know you are getting expert advice.

People love to get advice from experts. They are obedient to people in authority. For this reason, you want to show your credentials whenever possible. For example, if you have a Doctorate, you would include the Ph. D. at the end of your name on your business cards.

Also, posting pictures on your website of awards, plaques or certificates that you might have received is a great way to show your level of expertise. People will learn to perceive you as an authority in your field. If you're the author of a book - especially if it's a #1 best-selling book - you should advertise that on your website as well.

Endorsements Celebrity endorsements are everywhere. Companies pay celebrities big bucks in order to endorse their products because they know that people who are well known, and 'liked' by the general public, transfer their credibility to the product. * Singer Beyonce Knowles signed a huge endorsement deal with L'Oreal. * Justin Timberlake signed a $6 million deal to promote the McDonald's "I'm Lovin' It" tag line.

* Robert De Niro is doing American Express ads. Don't worry. I'm not suggesting you sign multi- million dollar deals with celebrities you probably can't get access to anyway.

You don't need celebrities, because people who are well known and respected in your field, have the same effect as celebrities. Determine who those people are and ask them if they would be interested in giving your product or service a try. Consider giving them a free sample or membership, and then solicit their feedback. If they liked your product or service, ask them for a testimonial. Then post it predominantly on your website and in your sales copy. Don't forget to ask your existing customers for their feedback.

With their approval, their feedback can often times be used as a testimonial. When you do receive testimonials, keep in mind that the best ones should include the following key elements: * A headline. * A photo of the person.

* The person's name, address and website. * An audio message from the person.

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