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Network Marketing Olympic Gold Medal Success Secret

Every Olympic athlete has at least one coach. The top ones hire their own personal coach. I've had my own mentor-coach in network marketing since 1991. One person actually once told me he thought it was a weakness for "people like you to admit that you need a coach to help you." A weakness??? I replied that having a coach was (and is) one of the smartest things I have ever done.

A coach keeps you accountable and focused. There are just soooooo many opportunities in MLM to get sidetracked. Pro athletes like Tiger Woods, Barry Bonds, Peyton Manning, all the big stars, have several coaches. Each coach teaches their own specialty. ***How To Choose A Coach*** I've been married almost 35 years.

If I wanted marriage counselling, would I talk to someone who's never been married? How about someone who's graduated from college with 3 or 4 degrees and never been married? Would I go to someone who's been married for 2 years or 5 years, when I've been married for 34 years? Would I go to someone married 10 years, with no children? Or would I talk to someone who's been married 30 or 40 years or more and who has raised a couple healthy, happy kids? Who would you want to get your coaching from? Somebody who has experienced it, or somebody who hasn't? Many of the coaches today in network marketing have NEVER built an organization! Or they built it 5, 10, 15 years ago, but they can't build it today. ***As the old saying goes, "if you can't do, teach."*** So these MLM coaches go out and teach people how to do what they can't do. What they did 10 years ago worked 10 years ago. But it doesn't work today.

So instead of being on the cutting edge of technology and learning (and USING!) the state-of-the-art in network marketing business-building, they put themselves up as a coach. I've even seen one coach who shows you his huge downline geneology. If you look closely, you'll notice it's from 12 years ago.

He hasn't done anything since. If you're going to be coached, you want to be coached by somebody who is doing it NOW, someone who is active today. It's crazy, but there are even people who promote it as a virtue that they no longer do network marketing.

They'll tell you now they can be objective. They'll tell you that you don't need to worry about them recruiting you into some other business. Here is the truth: if you can actually do network marketing, there's a lot more money in it than there is in coaching - AND you can do the coaching anyway, while you're building your business. So why isn't this person in network marketing anymore? Easy.

It's because they can't do it. Plain and simple, they can't build it. ***It is completely insane to choose as your coach someone who is not currently successful at network marketing. You are being ripped-off, plain and simple.

*** I've even talked to a couple of these "unbiased" MLM coaches who don't like network marketing. They don't believe in it. Yet they will gladly take your money to coach you to success in network marketing! One more thing . 90% of these coaches tell you that YOU have to change.

They say you have to get out of your comfort zone, become this "A" type personality. And THAT is the reason it doesn't work. Those "A" personalities can go out and do anything and be successful at it. But 92% of the world can't do that. And when you go out there telling them they have to change, it's no wonder there's such a high failure rate in network marketing. ***Here's What I Think:*** 1.

You're perfect just the way you are. 2. You need belief in yourself, belief in the business.

3. Learn some skills. 4.

Take action. And to coach somebody in network marketing, the biggest thing they need coaching on is their belief. They don't believe in the industry, their company, or themselves. Most top business people have (or once had) a true mentor, someone who's done it before and knows what to do. The person with a mentor has a big advantage.

Tom "Big Al" Schreiter was my mentor for 15 years, and I never even joined his business! I would be honored to be YOUR mentor, no matter what company you are in. As your coach, I will believe in YOU until you can believe in yourself!.

Michael Dlouhy will be your mentor. He'll train you by phone, free, whatever company you're in, to build a large, profitable, high-retention organization, easily & consistently, thru education & teamwork. Visit Michael Dlouhy at AskMichaelDlouhy.com.

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