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Why Do Most Network Marketers Fail

I think everybody not already making six-figures in mlm is becoming extremely frustrated with todays failure rate in the industry. For network marketers, the common problems for most distributors are- Not having enough interested prospects (leads). Not having enough money to fund their marketing. Only making money when they sponsor someone.

If any networker had dozens of interested prospects to talk to daily, wouldn't everybody succeed? Well for now, we'll talk about the 3 reasons most aren't succeeding. Reason #1: Bit pieces of residual income cant pay the bills! People come into this business expecting to make money from day one. They simple assume that they can just order some products and make money, while the products practically "sell themselves". And even when they do happen to sign up a few friends or colleagues, they struggle to find "more prospects" and the only alternative is to buy high priced leads which cost more than the peddley $50-$100 checks they've started to generate.

The result? Little or no money, no downline, no prospects (except aunt Sue and nieghbor Joe) and hundreds of dollars down the drain spent on products, wasted time, and so-called "training materials". Reason #2: There's not enough prospects for massive duplication. Unless a network marketer can build a business with HUGE momentum and massive duplication, they will simply find themselves trying to "fill a leaky bucket" - meaning reps are just dropping out as fast as new comers join. The only way around this, known to network marketers, is to head to the lead companies and dish out several hundred dollars for what they call "high-quality" leads. Sometimes they are even shared between 4-5 people! The result? Not enough interested people to talk to, while simply not making the money to pay for those "great" leads. Reason #3: Network marketers rely on 'recruiting money' to fund their efforts.

Mainly they use what little money they have made to cover the costs in problems 1 and 2. Basically, recoupling the costs for purchased leads, training materials, products, time, effort, and any additional money spent. plus, not to mention the horrific attrition curve. The solution? Well while most people get wrapped up in the whole "Our product(s) are the best" .or "are company is growing faster than yahoo" ,or "we have the best compensation plan in the industry". It doesnt matter! You See, what I hope people realize is that you can have the best product, company, and compensation plan in the world, but it's all completely worthless unless you have a true marketing system in place that will bring people to you!.

Impossible? Hardly. And the funny thing is, is its much easier than doing mlm the common way. Here are the facts: You want people pay you to become leads, You want people to pay you to prospect them, And finally, you need to make money whether you sponsor someone or not. It is MUCH easier to become full-time in network marketing when: You have dozens of leads to talk to, daily, you're able to make $500-$1000 your very first month even if you dont sponsor anyone, and you build your empire fast to stay ahead of the attrition curve. So How does a network marketer do all this? And teach his downline to do the same? You use a "formula" to put this pipeline in place.

Your pipeline should consist of ads that find your prospects, a lead capture page to put them in your email list, and an autoresponder that follows up with those prospects 24/7. It does take a little work to set up, but in the end, the result is worth it ten times over.

David Schwind currently uses "pipeline" marketing in his own business and shares his knowledge with others. If you would like to speak to David or learn more about "Pipeline Marketing" visit: http://www.MLMTrafficFormula.org

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